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Welcome back Ed but I don't think you'll find that this forum will change it's spots overnight - or perhaps ever.

There are many who are helpful but there are greater numbers who come here because they are 'Fan Boys', try to demonstrate their superiority, or both, and will brook no arguments/differing views.

I'm afraid it's a matter of 'like it or lump it' and difficult to sift out the wheat from the chaff.

Ed_C wrote:

I am putting on a flame retardant suit for this because, based on what I am seeing in the forum I am guessing that this won't be well received.

I have recently come back to check the "pro" body Nikon forum after a long absence. Many years ago, when I first participated here there were a lot of great shooters sharing advice, technique and some photos in support of that.

Over time the forum turned into something very different and those people went away. The posts were new thread after new thread about how there was a HUGE problem with a camera, often from people who had never used the camera. Lots of posts showing off first shots with someone's new camera. Lots of pixel peeping showing why a particular lens was or wasn't good or how horrible noise was in a particular situation that had nothing to do with real world probabilities. A ridiculous number of misleading / provocative subject line posts designed to get compliments on someone's baby or pet photo. Lots of questions from people that couldn't be bothered with reading a manual or who were trying to go to a complex body from P mode auto everything on a D100.

As the forum turned the old faithful posters who gave great advice and evidence on actual technique like Julia Borg, Iliah Borg and many others whose names I can't recall gave up and left. I know why Thom Hogan moved on. One can only get attacked for their opinion so many times before they give up.

Sound familiar?

OK ... I'm ready for lots of comments about how I should just leave (no worries ... I will) but is there ANYBODY else that would like to see more actual technique discussions like it used to be?

I understand that I am the outsider after the long absence and that I need to move on but is there such a forum somewhere? The Pro Digital Talk forum is definitely much more along those lines but I would also like a more Nikon slanted version of that since Canon and Nikon controls are so very different.

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Ed C.

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