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Re: You need to set the 380EX for High Speed Sync.

AnthonyL wrote:

The article contradicts itself.

it seems to be a mistake, the rest of the article agrees with you...

Manual (M) exposure mode flash.

In manual exposure mode you specify both the aperture and shutter speed, and your exposure settings will determine how the background (ambient lighting) is exposed. The subject, however, can still be illuminated by the automatic flash metering system since the flash can automatically calculate flash output levels for you.

does not choosing Av calculate for ambient lighting and then flash fill is calculated for the subject?

At a risk of overloading yourself this is also a useful article:

thank you for the link - it seems valuable, unfortunately now I am utterly and completely lost

You might want to check your flash's documentation.

true, RTFM is always good advice

If your system is working correctly its seems that your flash thinks the scene is darker than it really is. A couple of your photos are shooting into shade. If the flash is trying to light up the whole scene (due to the metering mode) then your subjects may well be over-exposed.

for P mode I understand, but I tried the Av mode - flash should not try to illuminate the whole scene, right?!

Thanks again for your help, I am still hoping I will be able to figure this out...

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