Insurance Question

Started Aug 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
Island Golfer Senior Member • Posts: 2,952
Re: Insurance Question

As I buy and sell bodies and/or lenses, I call my agent for my home owner policy. The main policy only covers something like $2500 for things like camera equipement. So, I had them tack on an addendum that separately covers each piece of my expensive equipement. That meant that I needed to give them serial numbers, descriptions, date of purchase and purchase price for each piece. As a back-up, I took pictures of everything and keep them in my home safe. It was a pain to do the first time. But, thereafter, I simply have the agent pull his copy of the list and I have mine in hand when I call. Both of us modify the two copies to match each other. Then, the agent sends me a new copy of the current addendum. The extra cost is minimal on my main policy.

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