Premiere 6, how do I export as Match Sequence settings?

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Re: Premiere 6, how do I export as Match Sequence settings?

ProtoPhoto wrote:

You should likely follow up with Adobe technical support then, to see if there is an issue with your installation. I have Premiere Pro CS6, and the check box is exactly where I said it is.

I ended up doing just that yesterday evening. It took a bit of time. The other issue I was having is every time I reopened a file I was working on, I had to re-render it before I could use it again. I was told this was “an enhancement” in 6, and when I convinced the guy this was beyond absurd, he put me on hold while he went to check with someone. He came back as asked which graphic card I was using. I started to read the name to him, and made it through AMD when he immediately announced that was the problem, that this card was incompatible with Adobe Premiere. I explained I just just purchased the new computer from Apple (having given up waiting for the new Mac Pro) and it was the most powerful I could buy for video and photos (it is an iMac i7 with maximum memory, and a AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2GB GDDRS video card). Off he went again. When he came back he said the problem was with the computer permissions. So we went to the repair disk utility, and to my surprise, that was indeed the problem. The little “Export as Match Sequence” is there again, exactly where it was in 5.5, and I no longer have to re-render a saved file when I open it. I have no idea why I had to go through this frustration with a new computer, and it was frustrating dealing with Adobe technical service, but finally these issues are resolved. Thanks for helping!

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