Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

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Re: Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

Thorgrem wrote:

DLBlack wrote:

Now I wish Pentax would have came out with something like the E-M5. A higher-end mirrorless rugged weather-sealed camera, but life is too short to wait.

I wish Pentax would join forces with m4/3 (Panasonic/Olympus). Than they can make something like the E-M5. With these 3 brands in one system it would stand a good change against Canikon.

What for?

  • there's no need for Pentax to make "something like the E-M5"; since there is already such a camera: the E-M5 itself

  • there's no need for Pentax to go m4/3: they already have a mount, and even a mirrorless strategy; they can develop on those.

  • there's no need for Pentax to help Olympus and Panasonic

  • there's no proven advantage in joining m4/3; just the general idea that, if Olympus and Panasonic sells quite a lot, Pentax would easily be able to do so.

  • the m4/3 is a proprietary format, probably not that easy to join as a camera manufacturer (Olympus and Panasonic can protect their system from such "intruders"). 3rd-party lens makers are advantageous for O/P, so they kindly let them make lenses.

  • the m4/3 is a lower end format, compared even with the APS-C DSLRs (note that, if market conditions would allow/require, the K-mount can easily accommodate "full frame" sensors and the corresponding price increase).

  • neglecting, hurting or even killing the K-mount will have dire consequences, ignored by the m4/3 fans. Pentax lives because the K-mount gives them a nice revenue stream which must be maintained and improved

  • Pentax can actually go against Canikon with their K-mount; obviously not for the 1st place but for a comfortable 3rd... for now.

  • not every camera on the world must be an m4/3. A little bit of diversity is actually good.

I believe Panasonic and Olympus has doubled it sales a few time with there new approach. If Pentax joins the can do it also.

The m4/3 prize is already taken


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