Is the built in viewfinder dead?

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Re: Is it dead

Excellent idea, it would be great to have that on the gx100 (as well as on other cameras). Liked the sony R1 for that reason.


Tom Caldwell wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

it seems so for Ricoh, but let's talk honestly, will an intermal VF be as good as what we have for the GXR?

Wayyyy back at the time of the GX100 I suggested a half-sized lcd that plugged into the hotshoe and electronic connector to give a waist level finder.

This has changed in my imagination into a right angle lcd on a stalk to clear the pop up flach and having an old-fashioned set of pop-up light shields on three sides to beat screen white out from glare.

Obviously much of the way there already - both hot shoe and connector exist. The side folding lcd on the NEX is only really a version of the same thing wthout the light excluding sides.

Just proposing an accessory to obviate the necessity of a whole new GXR back that may not suit everyone.

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