NEX-7 + Sony 18-200 annoyances...

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Re: NEX-7 + Tamron 18-200 are full okay

inhaliburton wrote:

Detto! Hit it 2 or 3 times - in January, when I got it. Since there NEVER. Everybody should learn to handle camera - not say Sony is baaaad and childish cry for "Update! Uuuupdate!"

Nonsense! There should be a menu item to turn ON/OFF video the video button. Easy solution to a problem that's a PITA!

I do agree with you that Sony should do someting about this. This is a problem more people having. But on the other hand you can easely adjust the way you hold your camera and use it without problems until sony fixes this (IF they will fix it) You can place a little rubber ring ouround the button and the problem is solved too.

I think you may have rare copy that does this. Mine doesn't creep at all; Others I've tried also don't creep. You might consider contacting Sony's tech support if it continues to bug you or if you notice IQ issues.

I'm using Tamron 18-200 - it never comes out ... and it has a switch to avoid this.

What good is a switch when, for example, after you take a pic, you point the camera downward to view pic and the lens extends to 200mm! Another PITA. Very unprofessional.

The switch is there on (almost) all heavy lenses. to make the zoom smooth you have to have a not to stiff zoom ring. But gravety will pull the lens out the barrel when aiming it down. When you want to prevent that without switch you will need a very stiff, user unfreindly zoom ring.
With the lens you can do a few thing:
1. Use the swithc when aiming the lens down.

2. Holding the lens by the zoom ring when aiming it down, so preventing from creeping
3. don't aim the lens down
4. accept that teh lens come out when you aim it down.

5. go to a planet with a much lower gravity, like Mecurius or Pluto, creepng will be down to almost zero

The strange thing is that you don't accept the switch on the lens to prevent creeping, but you want the (software) switch for the video button...

The Sigma 50-500mm that I tried on my D700 did the same. It extended to almost a foot!

It is the same physics, the sam heavy lens, the same gravety.

The Sony lens is going back.

OK but you woun't find a lens like it without creeping...

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