NEW SR5 Rumor! 30mm f1.8!

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Re: Sony NEX roadmap.

Everdog wrote:

Look at the roadmap for 2012:

Standard zoom -> 16-50mm

By the rumors this will be a small "pancake" lens

Larger aperture standard -> 35mm F/1.8

By the rumors this lens will be as small as the Sima 19&30mm lens

Wide angle zoom -> 11-18mm zoom

Again by the rumors a Pancake lens

What happened to the high magnification zoom? Was that delayed with the "G" lens or is that the Tamron re-badge?

This zoom lens is the rebadged Tamron for some a bit of a dissapointment, but it is as it is.

Anyway no suprises.

I think you must be greatly surprised by the size of the lenses, as you always claimed that the lenses for an APS sensor must be huge but now the rumors show that there will be some smaller lenses too...

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