Well I did it! I bought a NEX!

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Re: Well I did it! I bought a NEX!

ZippyZX3 wrote:

Having a Sony SLR for years. First with the a100, Then to the a200 and now the a65. Thought about selling the a65 but decided to keep it.

I picked up a used NEX-3a body kit cheap on eBay $184 in black. Looks like new. Bought a Pentax m42 adapter for $8 bucks shipped (I have a few m42 lenses already). It already has the latest update installed. All this just to see if I would like the NEX cameras.

So far I like it, But I can not see the LCD on the 3a in bright sunlight.

The "Sunny Weather" screen setting is coarse but useful.

I've only done a few test shots. Don't know if the image numbering can be reset, But I'm on picture 113.

After 09999 it goes back to the beginning.

Here's one I shot through my windshield of my car today. I only adjusted the contrast to compensated for the windshield glare and re-sized it. No sharpening to the photo.

I don't think a modern APS-C sensor needs any sharpening - certainly not on the Fine or Raw quality settings.

So far I like it, So I think I might have save up for the NEX-7.

Meanwhile, your Pentax lenses will give better results than they ever did on film.


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