My Newest D800 received from Amazon still has left AF issue

Started Aug 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: My Newest D800 received from Amazon still has left AF issue

My advice is to buy from a shop with 30 days no hassle return policy.

Once you test and confirm there is an AF issue, just return it. I say this based on
my own experience that the issue does not have a reliable fix. In addition, this

achieves a bigger purpose that when/if the retailers get enough defective returns

that they cannot get rid of, then they will have more incentive and muscle to deal
with the manufacturer (Nikon) directly. Also this empowers the retailers to have
some data for what percentage of units are affected. Right now only Nikon knows

this and its obviously not telling. There will be more balance of power if some big

third party retailers like B&H or Amazon had this kind of data to back themselves up.

I feel this may be the only way as dealing with Nikon individually we are just getting
pushed around and left out in the dark.

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