Thom Hogan and the iPhone effect

Started Aug 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jim Keye Senior Member • Posts: 1,916
Re: Something else he missed...

Flashlight wrote: that a lot of 'pros' (hate the word) pass on the new übercameras and buy a D3200 or whatever. Why spend all this dough on the latest and the greatest when all you end up with is the proverbial Nikon 'repair' nightmare that won't get you anywhere, buying programs to substantiate your fuming is legitimate and spent the best part of your life on some website discussing how you've been had, while you can be happily clicking away with your 'amateur' (love the word) camera and make a bagful of money?

Not trying to be condescending to those who actually print murals on a daily basis, but come on, get real forum...

Are you on some kind of crack?

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