Burning Aperture movies to DVD

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Re: Burning Aperture movies to DVD

Alpha Doug wrote:

Video play back, particularly at the highest resolution, is very data intensive. When you play back inside of Aperture, or even from a video file residing on your hard drive, the video is being played and buffered from you hard drive. If you insert a DVD and play the file from the DVD, it is reading data as fast as it can from the DVD drive which is way slower than the hard drive, hence the "stuttering". Also, you should know that if you want a burned DVD to play in a normal DVD player, you have to drop the resolution down to SD video level at something like 720x 367. If you actually wanted full HD playback, non stuttering on a player, you would have to buy a Blue Ray burner, use Toast to burn the disk, and the recipient would have to have a Blur Ray player. If you just want to distribute a disk to those who can figure out how to play an mp4 file on their computer, drop the resolution to 1280x 720. Most newer computers will play the file back from the DVD drive without stuttering, and on the computer screen you won't see much loss of resolution.
Only my opinion. It's worth what you paid for it. Your mileage may vary! ;-}


No Doug, this is not true. I am quite a layman when it comes to technical aspects of computers but I do know how to make an HD-DVD slideshow using Aperture 3 and sending it to iDVD. I have made many and they all play in HiDef on my 55", full screen, and no black bars...crystal clear and smooooth.

I find AP3 much easier than iMovie and I get the same features that I desire; Ken Burns affect, smooth fadeaway transitions, and music. My slideshow DVD's usually consist of 80-90 shots done with two three minute songs.
1. Make slideshow in AP3
2. Click the export button
3. Have it send to your desktop.
4. Pull up iDVD
5. Pick your theme, music and photos for the menu portion.

6. Drag the exported .mov into the iDVD screen. That will give you a dialogue box that I just title "Play".

7. Hit the burn button and stick in a blank DVD. My 7 minute DVD's take approx 40 min to burn but once the first one is burned, additional ones will only take about 5 minutes.
8. Stick it in just about ANY DVD player and enjoy.

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