Buying a super wide angle lens for my 5D Mark lll

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Mikael Risedal
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Re: If this is all about defending the 14-24mm....

I do not like the flare problems 14-24 has .

resolution wise 14-24 is better then canons 14mm mk2 and 16-35 from the middle and out to the corners

Apewithacamera wrote:

I don't dispute the fact that it is the best UWA-WA zoom lens atm. I have access to that lens and it is gorgeous!

Currently not counting third party or the ability to adapt the 14-24mm to our camera bodies, we have the 16-35 II and the 17-40mm to choose from. I don't limit myself to just one source of reviews. I enjoy reading several sources to get an overall consensus. I look at photos coming from photographers using lenses that I maybe interested in acquiring.

These lenses and specifically the 16-35mm 2.8L II, based on several reviews I've read, is pretty decent. It does fall a bit short of the 14-24mm in the corners but it does not render the lens as very weak IMO.

Most lenses coming out of Nikon and Canon are exceptional based on reviews but there are a few lemons in the Canon line up that I don't care for to list a few, EF 20mm f2.8 35mm f2 28mm f1.8 and so on.....

Care to share any Nikon lenses you don't like?

russbarnes wrote:

Good lord. You really believe that everything that comes out of Canon's doors is exceptional don't you Maybe you should start by reading the reviews on Photozone already supplied here...

"The Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 USM L II may not be the greatest lens around in absolute terms"

"the lens is rather mediocre at 35mm"

the 14-24mm is very mediocre at 35mm

"A major weakness is the amount of vignetting at f/2.8 "

"The bokeh (the quality of the out-of-focus blur) could be better"

"it will not knock your socks off."

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