10-24 F3.5-4.5G or 17-55 F 2.8

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Re: 10-24 F3.5-4.5G or 17-55 F 2.8

Like DezM said, these are 2 very different lenses for very different purposes. I have the Sigma 10-20mm and the 17-55mm and while I much prefer the 10-20mm when I really need to go wide (17mm is not that wide on DX), I can't do portraits at all with that lens unless I want a wacky comic like effect. The long end of the 17-55mm makes it more versatile and so does its faster aperture but when you really need wide, it might not be wide enough. If I could only buy one, I'd definitely get the 17-55mm before.

jmcwk wrote:

Would you folks please give me some advice on which Wide Angle Lens I should buy have narrowed it down to the two that are in my subject title. Will be mounted on a D5100. I realize that the 17-55 is considerably more in cost but does the additional cost justify the result ?????

Thank You


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