OMD is a step backwards I feel.

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Re: Call me crazy...

These are all worthwhile points....but none of them apply to OP’s post and my response. I’ve seen great photos taken on a shoe-phone. Considering the type of shots the OP is taking as “Landscapes” I’m suggesting that it is not the limitations of the technology that is at fault here.

Photo-Wiz wrote:

I find that the reviews on Dpreview and some other sites are generally helpful. But from time to time, I find that the reviews don't match up to my experience with the camera. Some of it can be the subjective nature of "handling" issues. Some can be that the review stresses issues, that are not as big a deal for me.

For instance
1. burst speed is a deal breaker for some, but a non-issue for others;
2. AF speed is huge for some, while not so much for others;

3. Some people like JPEGs and rate a camera based on how well it processes straight out of the camera...others don't give a hoot about JPEG, and only are interested in RAW;

4. Some people like the pictures soft out of the camera, and apply the sharpness in PP...other people want the camera to deliver sharp pictures right out of the camera
5. Some people love Electronic Viewfinders...other hate them

6. Some people like retro controls with buttons for everything...others prefer more modern menus which they can customize as they desire.

7. Some people want a camera that has lots of primes...others just want a good normal zoom lens, or a very wide to very long zoom..

There are so many things that are subjective, that the fact that Dpreview rates a camera very high, gives it a Gold or Silver award, does not necessarily mean you will like the camera.

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