X-10 or Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 ?

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Re: Depends on . . .

Timur Born wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

That the X10's viewfinder might be "best in class" is meaningless marketing drivel to me. It changes none of the above.

The X10's viewfinder is infinitely larger than any non-existing viewfinder on the LX7.

And it has infiniitely more parallax error.

Personally I find the X10's viewfinder rather awkward to use, at least compared to the one on the E-M5. But having that little optical hole (combined with the virtually noiseless shutter) is very useful whenever you need to turn off all light-sources on the camera and still want to aim at something.

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'Bass-ackward' does not equate to 'superior'.

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