D800 High ISO Lightroom 4 Noise Reduction Settings

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Re: D800 High ISO Lightroom 4 Noise Reduction Settings

Wow. That's pretty interesting, I may give dxo optics a chance.

inasir1971 wrote:

Wolfgang1756 wrote:

I use Lightroom 4.1 and I am disappointed by its noise reduction. Anything over 30 and while the noise is reduced, the image gets pretty blurred and loses detail.

I have heard great things about Topaz DeNoise. Anyone compared that to Lightroom 4.1?

I have Topaz DeNoise and had been using that. It of course does a better job than Lightroom NR which is pretty basic but what I dislike is the whole conversion to TIFF which means that you need to determine a lot of settings (WB etc.) before your do NR, or do NR each time you change... The whole process is also rather slow - when you start DeNoise, Lightroom has to generate a 16 bit TIFF with all your Lightroom settings and then pass that to DeNoise. (btw, Topaz has a better interface to its plugins than fusion express called Photo FX lab - 60% off with code 'dxotopaz0812')

Recently, I transitioned to a different workflow which works a lot better for me. I use DXO Optics pro to do the NEF to DNG conversion and set NR in DXO to default settings, as well as CA correction, and lens softness (it selective applies differing amounts of sharpening). DXO then outputs linear DNG files which Lightroom accepts and treats as raw files. The advantage is you have a file without any color space applied and almost all of the NR done, as well as many types of CA.

Any noise vs. detail decision from that point is easily handled by Lightroom's NR function. While it isn't a raw file anymore, it's exactly like working with a raw file except with most of the noise and CA (LoCA's, fringing) gone. DXO defaults don't seem to cause any loss of detail. It doesn't really impact workflow since DXO can batch process all my files with the default setting I have created - just leave overnight if you have many images.

I find I don't need DeNoise anymore.

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