Quite happy with my first wedding with EM-5

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Re: Shhhhhhhh.....Don't let this leak out to the FF people...

" but i don't buy the complaints about noise. weddings if pj style were shot with iso 400 color and iso 1600 black and white film. formal style weddings were shot with 160 and 400 iso film. portra 400 nc has more visible grain than iso 400 on m43.

the reasons to go full frame have more to do with the resolution and depth perception evident from the larger format - exactly why we shot medium format for weddings vs. 35mm given the expense and hassle of dealing with roll film. the larger format printed with better detail and are more 3d look to it. "

Noise and resolution are related. I just pointed out that there is a noticeable loss of resolution due to the application of noise reduction."

The OP did did a nice job, but the small-sensor camera is not without trade-offs.

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