Does the D700 have banding like the 5D2?

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Re: If you shoot landscape forget Canon...

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+ another 1000.

How you so sure? Do you ever own either 5D2 or D700?

Mater of fact even Sony or Fuji's smaller sensors are better choices for landscapes than 5DIII now.

Again do you ever own any of these cameras? Can you post some sample? We have seen tons of stunning landscape photos from 5D2 that basically match to more expensive D3X and 5D3 until arrival of 36mp D800/E.

I have a 5D2. I can't take a picture where a bright white area is not clipped in the RAW, and the shady side of the street can be pushed into visibility without banding ruining the shady side.

The Olympus EM5 has better practical DR than the 5D2. Even with my cameras with 1/1.7" and 1/2.3" Sony sensors I am less discouraged from using some negative EC when necessary.

The fact that you can find "stunning photos" from a camera does not negate its limitations; you're just seeing what it can do in ideal situations.

Or what it can do in the hands of any moderately competent photographer in just about any situation. The simple fact is that the Nikon gear happens to excel in one specific corner case that you seem to be peculiarly obsessed with.

Which case...noise, resolution, or dynamic range. What else is there..

DR and noise are essentially the same thing in this case. Resolution is another matter entirely which I tend to ignore, since I don't have the need for it.

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