dust on sensor and not changing lenses???

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Re: dust on sensor and not changing lenses???

greenpanda wrote:

Ara1 wrote:

So I get rid of mine using a rocket blower. You will have to take the lens off to use the blower but it's an easy procedure that does work.

I'm very interested in this as my NEX7 has some sensor dust that becomes obvious with smaller apertures and thought about using a rocket blower to get rid of it. However my Giotto's explicitly mentions not being recommended for sensor cleaning. So what's the story? Is it ok to blow air into the NEX's sensor?

You just have to take care that the tip of the blower doesn't touch the sensor as it might leave a smear. (Actually it is not the sensor itself but the sheet of glass in front of it that collects dust.)

If neither the camera's cleaning mode nor a Rocket Blower shifts the dirt, a wet cleaning pad will. The ones I bought are called Digipads.

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