Is this Sony Forum Intimidating to you?

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Re: Is this Sony Forum Intimidating to you?

Intimidating? No.

Redundant? Yes.

I started posting on DPReview back in the Minolta SLR forum. We talked gear, but we posted tons of pictures as well. (back when there was only ONE Minolta Digital SLR gear talk was kind of silly.) I miss the community of that forum. I loved getting photo critiques, and seeing others.

I come here to see great photos, to share knowledge, to learn or be inspired. Unfortunately most of the posts these days fall into categories I DON'T care about:

1. Gear minutiae discussions. Don't give a fig if 6400 ISO on this body looks slightly different than ISO 6400 on this other one at 100% magnification. (etc.)

2. Rumors and predictions. Also don't have interest in wasting my time talking about things that are only "maybe" or "might be."

Mostly these days I scroll through the forum and look for pics to enjoy during the day, nice to see out someone else's window. Most of my photo discussion has moved to G+ where I get the technique, location, critique discussion I desire along with AMAZINGLY gorgeous images that inspire me to do better. I don't give a fig what camera any of them were taken with.

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