E-M5 metering, WB, middle-gray exposure

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Re: Interesting Mysteries regarding E-M5 Operational Functionality - 2

I would suspect the WB is applied first.

Yes. Essentially (simplifying and omitting any secrets of trade) what happens is:

Apply WB; run 1st stage NR and sharpening; perform demosaicking; convert from camera colour to XYZ; apply 2nd stage of sharpening on Y; convert to LCH; apply tone curve to L; apply saturation to C; apply "look" to H; apply 2nd stage of NR over L and C; smooth H; apply convert to output space (like sRGB or AdobeRGB).

bobn2 has speculated that the E-M5 metering is done on an image processed downline, after the WB has been applied. Whether the color matrix has been applied at this point, I do not know. Bob's speculation sure makes sense, but what it doesn't do is explain why the WB adjustment, which seems to affect the metering, should affect the metering.

You nearly answered your question

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