RX100s everywhere

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Re: It's mould-breaking, that's why

Great to hear!

Chippy99 wrote:

We've had all sorts of technical advances in digital cameras, haven't we.

But usually, there's something missing or some aspect which is disappointing or which spoils the whole experience. Whether it's slow handling or focusing, or maybe that's good but the high iso performance is poor. Or maybe a new camera has great high iso, but lousy movies or lack of control of movies. Maybe the screen is rubbish. Or perhaps the lens is soft, or the UI is horrible. Some cameras have lots of flaws!

But I have NEVER come across a camera that moves the technology forward like the RX100 does, and gets SO MUCH right.

Clean images at low ISO - check
Good high ISO - check
Plenty of pixels - check
Decent in camera JPEG - check
Great optics - check
Fast focusing - check
Good (and customisable) Ui - check
Great movie mode with full control - check
Small size - check
Fast handling - check

I really struggle to find fault with it to be honest. I have never before owned a camera of which that could be said.

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