First hours with new N1 system

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Re: Positive attitude! (nt)

I exchanged my Olympus OMD with a Nikon V1. Reason be it is that I do not use a camera that much anymore to justify having 1400 dollars sitting in my drawer. The OMD is an amazing camera. I owned dslr from Nikon to Canon to Pentax and Fuji and I think the OMD is probably the best camera I ever used. However I have to say that the Nikon V1 is a great camera that I purchased at B&H for 750 with 2 lenses used. It focuses quickly and it looks nice and it is very sturdy. I have to admit that the image quality of the Olympus is better especially at high ISO but the colors on the V1 are more natural. The Oly always had that digital feeling. In the end there is no good or bad cameras (especially nowadays) it is in fact your needs and your shooting style that defines which camera you should use. It took me a while to get used to the V1, every time you need to access an option you have to go into the menu but I got used to it right now and I am happy with my camera.

Go out and shoot and enjoy whatever camera you have with you... Life is short

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