Thom Hogan and the iPhone effect

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Re: Thom Hogan and the iPhone effect

First of all "the iPhone effect" is not a good term for something which have existed way longer than any iPhone. Does "wow, that camera must be taking really good pictures" sound familiar? At least I've heard it many times before the first iPhone came out.

Anyway when that is said it is widely recognized that iPhone-customers are generally more well-off than fx Android users - they are willing to pay more for a product, they spend more in the app store and they often choose high-end priceplans from their network operator. So obviously some of those iPhone owners can afford "the best camera money can buy" Only problem is that "the best camera money can buy" is not at all targeted at the average well-off consumer. Furthermore Apple's simplistic design and extreme focus on user friendliness doesn't correspond well with Nikons high grade customizability and buttons.

I am one of the guilty one's who has bought a pro'ish camera (D700) which exceeds my needs and ability - but I did it because I wanted great AF and high ISO performance to die for and I got what I asked for, whether or not I make use of all features and settings. I must admit that sometimes I wish Nikon would implement just a little Appleness in their menu system - there is definitely room for improvement.

P.S. I have a BlackBerry:-)

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