Help! I have to get a lens for a 5D mark ii for school

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Re: Help! I have to get a lens for a 5D mark ii for school

jupat wrote:

Hi: Originally we were asked to get a 60D with a 15-85 mm lens but I would like to invest in a 5D Mark ii and want to get a lens that is equivalent to what they are asking for. I know nothing about cameras or lenses (NOTHING) and have been told 'any lens in the short wide to short telephoto, such as a 24-70 or equivalent in the half APS frame will be perfect. The faster f/stop the better.' Basically I'm clueless and have no idea what 'half APS frame' is etc so would like some advice. I don't have the money for a super high end one unless it is used. Thanks

The question has to be - why do you want to get a 5D2 instead of the recommended body and lens, especially if you are "clueless"?

But whatever your reason, the answer is the 24-105L. The 15-85 is equivalent to 24-136, but you can't get quite that much zoom range in full frame, and in practice it's easily near enough.

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