How long is D800/E Service taking?

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Re: How long is D800/E Service taking?--Parts Hold

William Neal wrote:

I just called Nikon customer service and my D800 is no longer on parts hold even though that is what it states on the web. I asked what parts were replaced but I was told that when the repair is complete that I would get a complete description of what was done. I asked to speak to somebody in Melville but was told that was not possible and that he could follow up with the tech to get my estimated ship date. Supposedly the customer service rep is going to email me that date. I will believe it when I get the email.

Isn't Nikon customer service just amazing? You cannot talk to the service facility? I know I got Barcelona, Spain in my recent attempt which went to "Resolved" before I got back to them in 4 hours. Spain probably went to bed.

No wonder Canon has better service. Melville may as well have an unlisted phone number. But at least their lack of recorded customer complaints (via RightNow software no doubt) numbers look very good to corporate. "We have gotten zero complaints according to our software log, so we are doing just fine." RighNow software probably doesn't have a "UPS is delivering the same package again for the same problem" checkbox.

I can send you your invoice right now. It says: "B2 Repair. Minor parts replaced. Clean and adjust AF as needed." You happy? Of course, it will now front focus at a +20 with half your lenses too. Those you can send in next week.


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