5N isn't much better for RF WA lenses than 7

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Re: amen on wide zoom, but don't Nex lenses "have to be small"?

No worries, aman74 - I am certainly no English prof myself.

RE: Sony ultra-wide zoom size:

I briefly tried the Tokina 11-16 on my N7 and found that to be objectionably large. Whatever Sony does, I can't imagine it being quite so ungainly [as a fast DSLR zoom + adapter]. Even if Sony were to make their zoom a 2.8, it should still have an advantage of having been designed from scratch for e-mount. (2.8 is nifty but I would gladly swap speed for cost & size for this application.)

But first and foremost, this time around, I really hope they do not skimp on sharpness . I would have kept that Tokina had my copy performed in accordance with the great bulk of user reviews. If Sony's ultra-wide zoom is not a good optical performer, I for one will not buy it. (I'd rather just try another copy of that Tokina - or keep holding out for something else...)

It seems to me like the ultra-wide I would buy ought to be doable and marketable. (Why target this zoom toward people who are already content with the 16mm + adapters?) But I'm not fronting the R&D/production/promotion money, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see... (and hope)

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