50 D has better focusing than 7D

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Re: 50 D has better focusing than 7D

I have and continue to use both a 7D and a 50D. Most of the time I have both with me with a standard walk around zoom on one and either a macro or a telephoto on the other. For me I would say there is little difference between them. I tend to use the 7D more just because I like the ability to use any of the focus points with confidence while I only use the center point on the 50D. As far as keeper rate, I would say it really is not much different if at all. I would say that I think the 50D might miss a little more often in terms of having a non-keeper image when in AI servo, but I am not sure if that is real or just my interpretation of things. Sometimes I do get poorly focused images on my 7D and I wonder why or I think that maybe the 50D might have done better, and other times I feel like the 50D missed and the 7D would have done better. Most of the time I am pleased with the performance of both.

In any case I feel both perform very well most of the time and for me there is no question which one I would take if I could only take one. That would be the 7D. Even if Roger's results are correct, there is more to using a camera and taking pictures than just getting the absolutely most accurate focus. (This is from a self confessed pixel peeper who spends way too much time trying to get "perfect" focus). The usability of the 7D for me outweighs whatever small difference there might be (notice I said "might" because I am not sure that any difference is really significant).

Despite the thoughts above, The 5DIII performance in Roger's test just makes me want it even more...Too bad I don't want to pay that much. When it comes down to about 2700-3000, it will probably replace my 50D. Can't wait for some good sale.


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