Quite happy with my first wedding with EM-5

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Re: Shhhhhhhh.....Don't let this leak out to the FF people...

Thanks! That is about how I look at it. I made just over a thousand bucks on this wedding... I am hoping that with the improvements I have made and this camera I can establish a portfolio over the next year or so I can up my price - and then jump to the next rung of FF wedding camera equipment.

Dixa wrote:

sadly it's a tradeoff and if the op starts to make some serious money from weddings then he should think about investing in full frame gear

however the 5d mk ii focusing isn't any better than cdaf in m43, maybe even worse. the camera is also still twice the price of the e-m5 without a lens.

but i don't buy the complaints about noise. weddings if pj style were shot with iso 400 color and iso 1600 black and white film. formal style weddings were shot with 160 and 400 iso film. portra 400 nc has more visible grain than iso 400 on m43.

the reasons to go full frame have more to do with the resolution and depth perception evident from the larger format - exactly why we shot medium format for weddings vs. 35mm given the expense and hassle of dealing with roll film. the larger format printed with better detail and are more 3d look to it.

the op did well. i'm surprised the indoor shots turned out as well as they did with no flash and no reflector. the lighting in that house must be superb and that is a rare treat. could he do better? yep. would you have done better without a couple years of experience at weddings? doubtful. shooting weddings is not a portrait session. it's not event photography. it's not street photography. it's not studio photography. it's all of those - and you have to be able to flip between these styles on demand without a second thought. the greats started out with a good eye, but their styles and talent took years to mature. for his 6th wedding - regardless of gear choice - he did well.

RBudding wrote:

pinnacle wrote:

It will make them crazy! You see of course, the only real way to photograph a wedding is with FF.

The wedding families must be thrilled with the images you captured.

Gotta' run visit my therapist! lots of anxiety stuff to work out with all of that money spent on the "Real wedding gear,"

Will I learn from life's lessons or will I lose my faith in the goodness life's promise had to offer?

The photos are good, but I can see loss of detail due to noise reduction even on the small images posted. So, no, this isn't a threat to full frame.

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