need advice about the kit lens

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Re: need advice about the kit lens

Matt182 wrote:

Just bought today a SEL 18-55, before today i only shoot with SEL 16mm.
I play with my new lens this morning, and i'm not 100% very satisfied.
In my opinion:
1) More versatile than the 16mm due to zoom
2) Better quality image ( slightly difference, it's just what i think)

1) Heavier than the 16mm!

A zoomlens need more lenses, so will alway be heavier and larger then a prime lens.

2) My nex become very big with this lens! I want something small!

Maybe wait for the rumored pancake zoom lens

3) Slow AF compared to my 16mm

When is de AF slower? At low light? That is where the larger apperture of the 16mm will help to get more contrast for the AF,

4) Slow aperture, very difficult shoot in low light without bump ISO

So use both lenses, the 16mm when you want low light shots or want to travel with a small camera, use the 18-55 zoom when you want to have the versatility of the zoom

I'm thinking to sell it and buy a Sigma 30, better quality but less walkaround lens, but before i want play more with the kit lens.
Advice are welcome!

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