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Sam_Oslo wrote:

svuori wrote:

I don't know anything about what movie studio, FX in your wage claims. You avoid to give any specifies information about the Studio or the software in your unspecified wage claims, even after my direct question "FX movie studio is using Linux for what". Who should I know what you are babbling about?

Well, I think he's referring to what this article talks about:

But I've been working as a System Architect all my life, I know all about Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, etc..

Thx for the link, that clears much of the unspecific claims actually.

As I've said before, we are talking about Image-editing, something like Photoshop. This system is for 3D-rendering, and that's far from Image editing. You guys should know it.

They are using those Linux-systems to setup 3D-render farms. But cost of these somewhere (between $8,000 and $15,000, according to the link you provided) may scare many of your potential free-Linux audience. This will dismiss many myth and claims about free/cheap Linux in this discussion too.

No, it's not only 3d-render farms. It's 95% of server and desktop machines. It's also animation, touch-up etc. And the price quotes should tell the clear story that usage of Linux is not only based on the assumption it's free, there are more/better arguments for it.

As I've said before, Widows 7 and Mac OS is your best option for Image-editing. I can't refine the point to be become even simpler.

Well, you can repeat your opinion over and over, it does not make it a truth. You have said it like three times but never cared to explain why you think so.

It's much better to judge based on what is being said, not based on how is saying it. As it's much better to attack the point, than attacking the person.

Exactly, when a person needs to highlight his merits it's already awfully close to appealing to authority. That's not a good argument. Neither is a plain opinion.

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