X-S1 on the Maine Coast

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Re: A serious comment

HansN46 wrote:

I won't say that I don't appreciate these series. Actually I like it. But to call them "wonderful" and "very cool" is not the comment OP is waiting for, I guess. So here is mine.

I have said this before in this forum: why should I take someones photos seriously if he/she doesn't take the trouble to put them horizontally straight before presenting it to me? For this reason in no serious contest these photos would be considered as candidates for a price. It's part of preparing your photos for presenting them in the most positive way.

The only exception is #3. That is a very interesting photo I like very much and the only one that is straight and with a very nice perspective.

Not to offend you, just to encourage,
Good luck, H.

I think he's showing us the SOOC shots although he might find it helpful if he turned on the electronic level in future.

The EVF is very good on the X-S1 so there really is no excuse for not getting the horizon straight.


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