D-800 just gets better & better

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Re: D-800 just gets better & better

You may not need it or care and if that is all you want then keep shooting as you are and enjoy.

But... part of the amazing spec for this camera like over 14 stops of DR are ONLY available if you shoot RAW.

Just look at DPR's review of the D800 and compare the shots in JPG and RAW. Look at the specs and you can see why it is better to shoot RAW. How much more leeway you have. Of course there is also the adjustments you can make afterwards as if you originally had the camera set up like that (WB, Contrast, Tint, Sharpness...) and the fact that once the JPG is made and saved on your card, you have lost all the extra information that was actually there. It allows you to for example shoot B&W but yet all the information is actually there if you change your mind which filter you should have used or decide that shot is better in color than B&W or vice verso.

If you use NX2 to develop your RAW images then you can still create the same JPG that would have come from the camera using your original in-camera settings but still retain the ability to change that at any time.

I consider my RAW image as my digital negative and have for many years shot RAW only. There are just too many advantages to RAW but you keep doing what you feel is right for you.
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