Crazy FoCal readings on d3s @ number of different lenses...

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Re: FoCal is rubbish

Had you read my above comments you'd see that I did as much as I could to ensure accurate results... Tripod, very good light, proper level, different type of target - paper/print etc...

Not sure what qualifies anyone here to put down the FoCal software besides not liking the results, come up with some hard facts and I'll be very interested in taking them into consideration. You can configure the software to save the images and you can manually review them to see which setting is more in focus and as far as I can tell it is right on the spot.

As much as I am pro Nikon why can it be so hard to understand that they are NOT perfect and that they too can produce lemons or are unable to fix certain issues.

Here are links to few quick snaps I took outdoors with brand new 85 1.4, never-mind the bad framing and what not, open the image in View NX and look at the actual focus point and see for yourself.... (I could also show you samples form my 70-200 or 50mm but just don't see the point in doing so...)



The way I see it, either all my glass has issues or the d3s and d300 is out of whack... Given that one is front focusing and other back, I'd say that the bodies have the issue... I haven't been able to do FoCal test on the d300 as Nikon has it. I will as soon as I get it back.

Lets see what will happens...

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