TG-1 is a sales failure

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Just how difficult is to keep a point and shoot camera in your pocket or in the case and then take it out, shoot a picture and put it back in the case? I am not arguing that a waterproof camera is better in the elements than a non-waterproof. But if that waterproof cannot deliver on the IQ, I would end up leaving it at home, just because a watercolor-like low-contrast photo is not worth much more to me than a cellphone photo.

My ideal kit is a large sensor/prime lens for shots when I care (X100, OM-D, X1-Pro, DSLR, you name it), and a waterproof P/S for my outdoors, sports, video and general shooting. The trouble is none of the options on the market delivers that waterproof option to me yet. If someone comes out with a waterproof point and shoot that takes pictures that are as good as XZ-1 or a Sony RX100 I will pre-order it at announcement. Right now you have to compromise between waterproofness and IQ, I end up prioritizing IQ. YMMV.

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For all other people who care about the images they take a regular high-end point and shoot is just fine for 99% of the activities they do, and for those who don't a cellphone camera is just as good. Regular p/s are actually more rugged that people think, they can survive an occasional drop of water or snow dusting, and if you are worried about dropping things, it may be better to accept that risk and pay for the damage from the money you save buying unnecessary gear.


Last year I bought a Pentax K-R DSLR for my wife... she has half a dozen point and shoots and decided she needed something better. (She teaches school and does the yearbook for the elementary school.)

I ended up having a LOT of fun with it... but she is always taking it... so I decided I was going to buy myself a Pentax K-5 with a water resistant lens. (I stayed with Pentax because I had some old lenses from back in the film days.)

Then I realized that I myself want a knockabout waterproof camera for mountain biking, skiing, and possible river running. It is possible that a normal point and shoot might be sufficient... but I personally know that if I have a non-waterproof non-shock resistant camera I will end up not taking it with me a lot of the time; even if I can probably buy 2 or 3 cheap point and shoots for the price of a TG-1.

So I bought a TG-1. I've already had it out in the rain and have taken photos that I probably never would have taken without the TG-1 because as I said I would have not taken a cheap point and shoot and the full size DSLR is too much when I go out mountain biking. I'm sure it is partly psychological... but my brain would not allow me to just buy normal point and shoots as "disposable throw away" cameras.

So in summation I can point out that your opinion and/or advice that people won't or shouldn't pay the extra to buy the TG-1 would not really work for me... I'd end up just not having a camera.

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