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TG-1 Perfect Fit

I have a DSLR and enjoy it a lot. I stayed away from digital photography up until just recently; I was an old school photographer from the early 80's and even sold cameras for 5 years during that time. But after buying a DSLR for my school teacher wife recently... I realized how much I missed photography. I'm not great or anything but I do have a slight bit of the "eye".

I've had so much fun I'm considering a "prosumer" DSLR. (i.e., water resistant body and lens... more manual settings.)

Then I realized that even if I had the water resistant DSLR I would still have an issue with not having it with me a lot of the time because it would be too inconvenient in many situations.

So I decided to look at point and shoots. I realized that a "normal" point and shoot would be mostly worthless to me personally; I would have an aversion to taking it skiing or river running... or even mountain biking if it might rain. Or a dozen other situations. So I started looking at "ruggeds".

Recently my sites focused on the TG-1. (Yes... pun intended.)

I think it is a perfect fit. I looked at the tough/rugged cameras from other companies and nothing fit the bill as nice as the TG-1 with the f2.0 lens in the freaking MIDDLE of the camera and not on the top right... So I bought one yesterday.

I find it interesting how many posts I've read on various forums where someone is saying that basically most if not all people should just buy a "normal" point and shoot and not one of these "tough" cameras. I can not disagree with these posters more... I know that if I had a "normal" point and shoot that it would end up staying home most of the time and be mostly worthless to me.

Sure... you can buy 2 or even 3 cheap point and shoots for the price of the TG-1: but you must get your brain around the concept of thinking of them as "disposable" cameras. I can't personally do that... the first time I fried one I'd end up not having another one for a few years. (This is also one of the reasons I know I would end up NOT carrying it around most of the time.)

In other words many people that advocate buying a cheap point and steering people away from the TG-1 might be doing a disservice and giving bad advice; it all depends on the persons wants and needs. If I want the best IQ then I'll use my DSLR... but if I want something I will have with me more of the time... I now have my TG-1.

I am fully aware that I spent about $150.00 more just for the peace of mind I am talking about. And I consider it worth every additional penny if it allows me to carry it around in more situations.

BTW: The ONLY negative thing I can say about the TG-1: the GPS is a little too basic. It only has the long/lat points and it will show close point of interests. But it would have been nice to have the "distance and direction to currently displayed picture" ability plus perhaps the ability to manually add/edit a point of interest... like "My House". Some of the lesser "rugged" cameras and even cheaper point and shoots with GPS do some of these types of things... why can't the TG-1.

(It's all done in software so perhaps they may have a firmware upgrade with some new things like this? I can always hope... although I know chances are more likely it will be added to a future model.)

NOTE: Added some of this to another thread... but added a few equal signs as a separator between the quoted text and mine.. but that caused this forum's software to hide my entire message as a "hidden signature". oops. Anyway I wanted to share my TG-1 experience so far. Loving it. Have a new Smugmug gallery with TG-1 shots.

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