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Re: Auto focus 11or 5 setting

I'm a K-x user. I had been using single point focus/recompose, but was disappointed by the inconsistent results I was getting. So I started experimenting with comparisons of 1 point, 5 point and 11 point results on different types of targets. What I found was that, in general, single point PD focus had consistent problems focusing on low contrast targets, especially when there are no vertical areas of clear contrast in the focus region. I was trying to focus on a dark brown & rust floral fabric across the room in well-lit daylight and the single point could not ever achieve correct focus on the fabric. The 5 point and 11 point, however, had a much easier time locking focus on the leading edge of the fabric, where I had the center point hovering over.

As a result, I now keep my camera on 5 point focus and only switch to single point when I figure that the camera will select an intervening object (such as window bars in front of a cat). I could not find any practical difference between 5 point and 11 point, so I use 5 point, assuming it will be marginally faster-and I don't usually want the camera looking to outer regions for focus, especially for a camera without visible focus points.

On a related note, I recently used the K-x focus calibration software for the first time during my focus experiments and found that it was tricky finding the best compromise for my four DA Ltd lenses. What was apparently the best average adjustment for a 3 foot focal length (the adjustment applies to EVERY lens) was no longer valid at 20 feet. But in the end, I did apply a +90 adjustment.

I think going forward I will be happier with the better focus capabilities (and adjustment flexibility) of the K-30, so that is on my Christmas list!

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