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T2i + ......

Hey guys... I have been doing some research on the best way to take some "decent" photos for a web product shot of some indoor intimate wear. The setting is a small room, like 12'x12', and light sucks... so I am getting some reflectors from Amazon to bring in as much daylight as possible from the big dual sliding doors, and then maybe pick up 1-2 strobes that can hook up to a hot show, and some white sheets to cover my big red wall and backdrop, and use a beige/white satin lining for the floor/bed for the model to stand/rest on.

Now, the camera, I have been through numerous discussions from my Lumix P&S to the Canon Mark III, and now I have pretty much settled on the T2i. I did some research on it and it seems to be a really awesome camera:

  • great at high ISO/low light

  • great DOF for making foreground stand out/less post work

  • the external mic will really be useful

  • and the video stuff is REALLY useful as well, esp the 60 fps for my occasional golf swing analysis... - altho not great burst speed

  • Canon software, totally forgot about that, AWESOME (what remote trigger, LOL)

It seems on eBay I see some bodies only having been sold for about $300, so if I can trust the seller I'll use that as my target mark. Some say dont buy on eBay, do local, like even Craigslist, but I would know what to look for in a camera to make sure its safe, and at least eBay has some buyer protection. Is there anything here I am missing that would be a big mistake?

Now for the LENS, as much as that 70-200 lens sounds tempting, I'll probably skimp on that... maybe I'll get that later at some point. For now, I see a ton of the 50mm f1.8 lens sold for $90 on eBay in the last few of months, but Amazon has it brand new for $107 shipped.

You guys know what my main project is, and I dont mind paying a LITTLE more so I can have a lens that can take a decent wide variety of photos and take decent videos. The zooms are nice but I fear that will raise the price again too much that I dont need so I guess I'll buy a separate zoom lens later when I think I'll need it.

And since I have never bought photo equipment on eBay or the like before, is there a "fail safe question" u can ask the seller to see if he is a legit seller who didnt abuse his equipment? For example, if I were buying a golf club or a tennis racquet or other electronics, I would ask certain questions like why r u selling it, what level r u, etc., and then follow up his answers with some more probing questions and ask for specific images of the item to see if he is telling the truth. This is not 100% per se, but it will weed out the idiots who think they can get good dollar for some item that has defects.

(FYI my background is a professional web/graphic designer and IT guy + sports dude)

Canon EOS 550D (EOS Rebel T2i / EOS Kiss X4)
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