TG-1 is a sales failure

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Re: Some thoughts...

Yes the dynamic magic mode is fun. BTW, you can get that style from any image with Snapseed ($4.99 on the iPad, and I believe $19.99 on a desktop). I am a skier as well, and I used to carry my TS-1 with me, but got fed up with bad IQ, so I started carrying an XZ-1. Noticeably better pictures, and no issues with weather resistance, or with shock resistance. I do use a neoprene sleeve for when it is in my pocket.

XZ-1 is pretty great, but I am replacing it with a Sony RX100, mainly due to the XZ-1 lens cap that drove me nuts on the slopes, and smaller size and much better video capabilities of the RX100 (and better IQ to boot). If RX100 was dive-able, I would be in heaven. Again, I dont understand why they don't just seal the buttons and just seal the lens over with a tube that screws tightly into the body. But RX100 does look like a bit of a game-changer in the category, so I would just consider getting a marine housing for my very infrequent snorkeling or kayaking trips.

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