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PureBlue0229 wrote:

Is it more important to have a lens hood for telephoto or wide lenses? Any ideas?

Lens hoods serve a couple of purposes:

1. To block stray light that causes glare, lens flare, etc.

This applies more to long lenses than wide ones. With wide lenses you're already capturing more of the scene, and there isn't much room to block out unwanted light (put differently, most of the light is actually supposed to be going into your lens). The best way to avoid lens flare in wide lenses is simply to avoid shooting into direct light and/or get a lens that doesn't flare as much.

2. To help reduce debris, dust, water, etc. from settling on the lens

This applies to both types of lenses, but with long lenses you have the luxury of being able to attach a much bigger hood, so more protection is offered there. Hoods on wide lenses aren't going to go very far in this respect

3. Physical protection of the lens

Applies to both. If you're using a plastic or rubber hood, they'll help protect a bit against accidental bumps of your camera lens by absorbing some of the impact. It's one of the reasons I don't like metal hoods.

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