Is my NEX-C3 drawing too much battery when off?

Started Aug 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: C3 drains battery; 5n not nearly as much

Thanks all for the information you all have provided.

From what I have collected, specially from Eduardo and Alupang, C3 just drains battery faster than other cameras when off. It is a flaw with all C3, not just my camera.

Another quick question, some suggested take the battery out of the camera. Will this result in camera lost its settings, such as time?

Based on Eduardo and Alupang,

Eduardo wrote:

Mine does the same.

I´ve read in another thread an advice to always remove the battery, and so I have been doing,
Very annoying.
I had the hope a firmware could solve that, but lost any hope.
It just confirms that no camera comes without a flaw.
Best Regards

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