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Re: Like telling a pro photographer to get a different job

Absolutely agree, and your english is light years ahead of what I could ever write in any other language. My apologies for misinterpreting your statement.



dave coffin wrote:

They can call dcraw from a graphical interface, paste pieces of dcraw.c into their code, or just use dcraw.c as the documentation that camera makers refuse to provide:

The statement isn't completely clear to me either way. It sort of insinuates that all those programs use dcraw, but it doesn't actually state it... I'm on the fence on this one. I looked at the dcraw license but it is not a standard OS license so it may be possible to have the code in Photoshop without anybody (outside of Dave Coffin and Adobe) knowing.

You're right, that's somewhat unclear. There's this bit in the Dave Coffin's resume:

"Thanks to dcraw source code, Adobe Photoshop and dozens of other image tools now have built-in support for raw photos, and the popularity of raw photography has grown enormously." ( )

If they use the source code directly or not, it does not matter, at the very least they use the information found in there. Of course this isn't 100% proof either but I think Adobe would call him on this if it was a lie. I guess we're not going to get an official statement from Adobe.

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