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DerStig wrote:

BAK wrote:

1/ I went to a branch of a camera store chain for which I used to teach, and told one of the senior sales reps of my idea: buy a really expensive camera, put on a really expensive lens, have the store clerk set it at ISO 6400, centerweighted, high speed continuous shooting, continuous autofocus.

Then go shoot anything anywhere.

PROBLEM: then Don pointged out that low light is often very flat light, so lots of pictures would be bright enough but so flat they's look awful.

But maybe auto adjustments at Costco could fix the prints.

2/ My kids are adults, so it's a long time since I lived with a 19 month old. I could not remember their speed.

Went to Starbucks and the local park and foun d toddlers and asked how old they are. 16 months and 20 months.

These kids are not very fast.

Most of the time a T2i on continuous focus should be able to stick with these guys, and still stick with them for the next five years, at least.

Holding focus on a kicked soccer ball coming right at you when the kid is six might be a problem, but holding on the kid running toward the camera is a piece of cake.

The real focus problem with some kids is the smoothness of their faces gives no lock point for autofocus.

Which is why God invented manual focus. (some work required by the photographer, however)


My daughter is quite fast, she is extremely active, and she loves running up and down in our home, climbing to everything she can and I cannot tell you how many shots I have missed because of the sub-par focus points performance of T2i. I also don't seem to understand this 6400 ISO in 5d3 is equal to 1600 ISO in T2i. You are telling me at those noise levels, both cameras produce the same quality of picture? Then canon must be in the business of ripping people off?

this is just plain physics. A FF sensor captures 1.6 x 1.6 =2.5 times more light. You gain a theoretical 1.2 or so f-stops if both sensors are equal otherwise. No rip off.

Also, anyone who buys 5d3 for its quality, low light performance, focusing speed, etc is just wasting their money? Lastly, you should be able to get a good flash and produce the same quality of shots as you would with T2i? I really don't follow the logic here.

Yes, you get better AF points. see

5d3 has far better picture quality than T2i, please correct me if I'm wrong with my assessment. If I were to put the same 24-70 II lens in both cameras, you are telling me T2i's ISO 1600 has the same quality as 5d3's 6400? That's just ridiculous. Then yes, you are right, me, along with 90% of the 5d3 buyers are complete idiots for spending that kind of money on a camera.

I guess they are then There are no wonders.

Also, have you considered that the new set-up is a lot heavier than you current set-up. Are you sure you want to carry it around all the time?

The nice samples shown were done with primes and apertures larger than the 24-70 you want to buy. As pointed out, you gain a bit more than 1 f-stop going full frame, but you loose also 2 f-stops going from f1.4 to f2.8 (ignoring the DOF issue).

And how long is it going to take until the 24-70 II is on the market? How many months of shots will you miss in that time?

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