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Re: Like telling a pro photographer to get a different job

We work hard to produce stuff be it text, software, photos, and our work should not be hostage to the companies.

*shrug* Whatever document you choose to sign with your employer should be honored... if you don't want the company to own your work that you do when they are paying you? Don't work for a company that forces that.

Sorry, I wasn't clear. If we produce stuff for a company, it's usually rightfully theirs. What I meant say is that the information shouldn't be hostage to the tools (to the company which created the tools). If I shoot a raw photo I should have the information how to use it.. not be forced to reverse-engineer it or use camera company's tools to handle them. I shouldn't have to break the law in places to view the video I shot. If I create a document, it should be possible to extract the data from the document without the exact tool I used to create it. I hope I make sense, English isn't my first language as you can see

Absolutely. Hurrah for non-proprietary formats! (or at least open standards with free 'licensing')


How do you open a raw photo? You use Lightroom or Photoshop .. and know what? It's a piece of free software called dcraw, written by some free software zealot, that's in the heart of nearly every raw developing program.

It sounds like you are saying that Photoshop uses DCRAW. If that is what you meant to say, do you have any reference for this? A quick search turned up nothing.

In the list of software which use dcraw's code, that list is bound to be incomplete though because companies are not required to ask permission or report their usage. Adobe has contributed at least the color matrix information to dcraw.

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