OMD advice needed.. coming from nex-7

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Re: OMD advice needed.. coming from nex-7

The Om-D, especially the silver one is an object of style and beauty, and the Canon 60D is your run of the mill DSLR, which although better for photo and video, it's not the ideal companion for a fresh parent.

I'd get the Om-D, (silver), with the 12-50mm (it's AMAZING!), 45mm 1.8 (another gem!) and the panasonic 20mm 1.7 (another gem, almost pancake!)

^ this setup will cover all your bases. Later you can expand to the tele primes in the 70mm area, buy a grip etc.

Good luck

JHphoto wrote:

Hi All,

I currently have the sony nex-7 kit with the 50mm OSS. With the lack of lens, slow auto focus, and somehow very noisy photo, I am thinking of selling the sony setup and switch to OMD M5. I have checked the dpreview and it seems that the M5 has much less noise than the nex-7 (although nex-7 has higher mp).

Anyhow, I have been reading the forum and it seems everyone is prasing the M5 with the pana 12-35, but I can't find the 12-35 in stock anywhere in the us.

In the mean time, should I get the 14-40 kit or 12-50 kit in the mean time while waiting for the 12-35 to be in stock? At first, I was planning to get the body and 12-35 only.
Any advice would be great.

Also, I am just taking picture of my family and baby. I have people telling me getting the 60d + 24-70L, but with a 6month baby + strollers + diaper bags + ..., it's just too much things to carry... TIA.

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