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Re: Like telling a pro photographer to get a different job

How's this for a thought: There are plenty of programmers who make a living writing code. Should they all find work doing something else and only write code for the betterment of society? Will the world really be a better place if all software was free? Funny, that to me sounds a lot like telling professional photographers that getting paid for what they do is a detriment to society and that they should shoot weddings for free, oops, I meant for libre...

Theswede commented already on this but.. No, I can see how you don't understand why freeware and free software is not the same. I'm a working programmer, get paid and I contribute to free software projects.

The idea is that information should be free.

We work hard to produce stuff be it text, software, photos, and our work should not be hostage to the companies. Our photos and videos should not be in encrypted and/or patent encumbered containers. We paid for the equipment, we took the photos, the information the photos hold should be ours!

How do you open a raw photo? You use Lightroom or Photoshop .. and know what? It's a piece of free software called dcraw, written by some free software zealot, that's in the heart of nearly every raw developing program. It has liberated the information for other companies and us to use! Adobe and others contribute back to the dcraw project for everyone's benefit. That's how free software works.

Now is that a thing you want to mock?

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