Panorama thread: nr. 53 *large files*

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Re: South Texas

Thanks for the complements Dave. Some of the pictures in this forum are so extrordinarily good, they can make you want to just give up photography. It's nice to have someone tell you that you're going in the right direction. I learned several things creating this pano (with the memory of them re-enforced by having to walk a mile up & down a steep hill in 100F heat). There isn't a lot around here to take wide-angle pictures of, but I'm starting to get hooked and now can't wait to do the next one.

Putting the white balance issues aside, it is a nice pano and the sky removes it > from the boring category IMHO. If you shot in RAW, you can go back and correct > the white balance on individual shots. Try shooting in manual mode so the > settings will remain the same from frame to frame including white balance. > Nothing automatic. Anyhow, I like your pano. Dave

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