SP-610 UZ - Low quality images

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Re: SP-610 UZ - Low quality images

It is mainly the trees on the left that look blurry. Was it windy? There is a bit of flare on the rounded roof of the center building. Other than that the picture looks sharp to me at pixel level.

Looking at the EXIF data it says (in the File Propertries choose the Details tab)....

'Exposure program: Creative program biased to depth of field'. And elsewhere the Exposure Bias shows 0. This implies you left the camera in iAUTO, where the camera is left to guess what you are trying to do.

With iAUTO you are at the mercy of a firmware writer thousands of miles away who by now has forgotten about the model you are working with. Look at the SCENE modes you have available, because these are the ones that iAUTO works with. Try each one and find out what they actually do.

This might be a good time to look at the manual on the CD. It is actually a short course on photography in general, not just an introduction to your particular camera model.

Other than that, try 'P' mode with E(xposure) V(ariation) -0.7. Observe what the green rectangle has settled on, because that is where your camera is focussing. If it has latched on to a plane in the distant sky, take the finger off the button temporarily so the camera can refocus.


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