TG-1 is a sales failure

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I don't take your comments personally, Alex. Forums anywhere would be boring if everyone was in agreement all the time. Again, IQ is subjective. I'm not a sophisticated post-production person. I use Picasa 3 for my jpegs, and Silkypix/Nikon View 2 for RAW (95% of what I do is jpeg). In the 2 1/2 years I've been involved in digital photography, I have yet to print anything (maybe because I haven't had a capture that I wanted to display :-)). I have a 22" diagonal monitor and the TG-1 images up to 800 ISO (daytime) look nice to me. From iso 100-200, so does pixel peeping at 100%. I don't recognize NR smearing until I see something in the iso 1600-3200 level. (see pics below) It's not the IQ of my LX5 or D40, but just fine for me. And there are things the TG-1 can do over the LX5 in terms of special effects.

For the record, I normally carry just my LX5 as my "24/7" camera, and on walk-abouts include the TG-1 Last Sunday, as an example, being hot in downtown L.A. I decided to go in the 40' diameter fountain in front of the County Science Museum, letting my buddy watch the LX5, and waded up to my knees to get up close and personal with the fountain itself. The TG-1 was perfect for this scenario. I also admit to be really enjoying the Dynamic "Magic" mode as well for street photography (see pics below). The addition of my D40 yesterday was to see if having a 300mm reach was important to me for candid street photography. (I decided it wasn't).

BTW while I don't white-water kayak, I white-water raft, ocean kayak (sit on), sail, and snow ski.

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